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    I have been listening to James Bond Radio. They were talking about the fact there is a Harry Potter World in England and a Star Trek experience in Disney world. Why not a James Bond World?
    What would you like to experience in James Bond World (JBW)? I thinkit should be as interactive as possible.
    Here are some ideas, partly based on JBR’s thoughts:
    Just after buying the tickets you can film your own Gunbarrel and send it to your phone and computer. Perhaps you can rent a tuxedo too (and the ladies can rent dresses)? Next you walk into M’s classic office where you are welcomed and get a “brifing”, in effect a promo for the JBW and what you can do there.
    The Q lab. Here some of the origional gadgets are displayed. Guests can also try copies of them and perhaps new ones that aren’t from the movies. The Bond in Motion exhibit should be a part of the whole thing. There guests can also sit down in simualtors of the AM DB5 and other Bond cars like the Lotus Esprit from TSWLM and the AM V8. The interiors look and feel like the real thing, you see what happens outside the windows using CGI. The gadgets can be used.
    Other iconic scenes can also be filmed later with sets, props and greens screens, results automatically sent toyour phone and computer. What scenes should it be?
    A casino is a must, but with verty cheap chips.
    There should be at least one resturant that looks like a resturant Bond visits, perhaps the one on the Eiffel tower in AVTOK. A band plays Bond music.
    Many rooms should look like the Ken Adam sets. Perhaps the vulcano in YOLT should be one, with exhibitions and activities around the room. if you walk into the rocket it works as an elevator, perhaps to an exhibition about MR?
    The small commuter train from YOLT could also be used to transport guests around the JBW.

    More ideas or comments?

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